I’ve been here for too long, and will be here for too much longer.

I don’t imagine we will make it home before the first week in May. Mom can’t even get out of bed anymore. She’s had to have a potty chair put in the bedroom again, and really just can’t even stand up by herself for long at all.

We’ve had happy days and sad days. Most days though, are just days we muddle through together. The kids are thrilled with cousins, horses, dogs, chickens, cats and the freedom to run all over the farm.

The internet connection here tops out at 14.4, though, even on my brand new laptop. I can’t connect to any type of bulletin board or my email server (because there’s too much email clogging it up…grrr). It will probably take half the night to post this message.

Home is calling, but there’s much to be done here before I can answer.

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