In The Good Old Summer Time

So, yeah, I stopped blogging for months and months. I was in my self-induced hermit mode. Things were rough from March to May and I just really didn’t want to have to thing about it as much as I would have if I’d tried to set it down in writing.

But SUMMER is here, and things are beginning to feel “ok” again and I really need the release and the accountability that keeping a daily journal entails.

Judy (Dave’s Sister) is down for a couple of days to get a break from the trauma-drama that surrounds my inlaws house at the moment. It’s good to have someone else in the house during the day, even if she is holed up in the guest room doing her homework.

Emily and Nate are doing very well with our new schooling routine. We’re doing four 30 minute school sessions each day, seperated by other life-type activities. ((You know, meals and chores and potty trips.))

I’m so impressed with Nate’s progress toward reading independently. I hadn’t expected him to be reading this early.

Anna is almost completely recovered from her horrible week of accidents and illness. Her Roseola rash has almost completely faded, the tooth that has been torturing her finally broke the skin, and her smashed finger is mending up and can bend again. My poor baby was so miserable for a few days. It’s nice that she is starting to be perky again. And VERY nice that she’s getting back to her sleep schedule and sleeping through the night.

I’d better get back to my chores so that I can have the house semi-decent when the television repair fellow gets here this afternoon.


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