Wooo-hooo, Guild Wars.

So, Dave went out to get groceries and school supplies for Em and came home with my very first every video game. I don’t know what in the world has made me want to play a MMORPG, but I DO…so, for my 30th birthday (Aug 25th), I’m gonna learn how to play a game.

Now to figure out to play and then, hopefully, find some people to play with me since I’ve heard it’s not easy to play alone.

Anybody wanna play with me?

3 thoughts on “Wooo-hooo, Guild Wars.

    • COOOOLL…

      That sounds fun. Do you have an email address I can send’em to? Have to wait till Dave gets home so he can tell me his character name.

      He says hello, by the way. We were remembering you quite fondly the other night during a “remember when” type discussion about old RDI roleplays. I think that was part of the reason I decided to try playing this game.


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