Super Duper Rochester Fun…

We went up to Rochester this weekend to visit the GrandChens and do some museum time with Aunt Judy

Our family loves the Strong Museum of Play, and we always try to make at least one trip during each quarter to see the newest traveling exhibit. This quarter’s travel exhibit was a visit to Birdwell Island to see Clifford, Emily Elizabeth and the gang. We also got to see the butterflies, play in the new Berenstein Bears land and make a trip through our old favorite places.

Nate got to feed his love of all things dental in the Berenstein’s dentist office.

Nate Playing Dentist

Dave, Judy, and the girls had a wonderful time being butterfly landing pads.

Anna and Butterfly

Dave and Emily with Butterflies

Judy with butterfly on purse

While we were on Birdwell Island, Nate got caught in Clifford’s food bowl. It was a close call, but he didn’t get eaten!

Nate and the Bones

Overall, we had a great trip and can’t wait to get back.

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