Keeping a running record…

I borrowed the idea of keeping a running record of our day from Alexa. This is my first attempt at charting the flow of an entire day and then blogging the result. Our lives are a bit more busy and productive than I usually imagine them to be, and it’s helpful to be able to look back and actually see the shape of our day from the notes I took.

Emily fixed breakfast for the kids while I slept in till 9am.  She fed everyone drinkable yogurt and blueberry muffins.  After breakfast, the two small ones watched PBS/Martha Speaks while Emily used some foam sheets and sparkles from her craft box to create fancy fish cutouts.

10-11ish, all 3 kids read books from our current library stash.  Nate read the Cat book to Anna aloud, for the 30th time, and he and Emily took turns showing each other interesting things and reading “cool” sections out loud from books about cockroaches, dragonflies, and scorpions from the Nature’s Children collection.  Anna “read” to me from Bugs Up Close and we talked about exoskeletons for a while.

11:30 – Lunch at Atlanta Bread company.  Girls chose to split an adult salad, Nate had kids meal (turkey with provolone, always) and I had a bowl of broccoli cheese soup.  Nate put his full soda cup in one hand and potato chip bag in the other and pretended to be a scale.  Determined that the cup was much heavier.  His balancing act drew the attention of two senior-aged gentlemen sitting behind us and they made a comment about the Scales of Justice.  We discussed that concept and artwork for a bit, and I borrowed the laptop from Emily to show Nate a picture of the statue of Blind Justice.  The search for the statue and viewing of pictures lead to more discussion of it’s origin, and we talked a bit about Themis and her place in the Greek pantheon as one of the Titans.

When we made it home, I used the computer to show Nate another statue of Justice. This one with Michael holding his sword and the scales.  He declared he liked the lady better because she seemed less angry.

Emily spent about an hour working on her novel at Atlanta Bread and again at home after lunch.  We discussed appropriate use of the articles “a” or “an”, and she did some editing to reflect the new knowledge.  She is still confused over the exceptions to “an” for some of the o/u vowel words like “a unicorn” instead of “an unicorn”.  I printed a general useage guide with examples for her to place in her folder.

1-1:45ish  The kids took turns quizzing each other on Subtraction and Multiplication facts using our Fast Fact placemats.  Nate is solid with his subtraction, and knows his 1, 2, 5, and 10 multiplication facts.  Of course, those are the easy and intuitive ones.  We’ll start work on the 3’s this week, beginning with skip counting songs and filling in the answers on worksheets.  He also finished his problems from the “5 a day” math workbook, though the book is a 2nd grade text and the problems were way too easy.  He did 10 problems (we don’t use it every day because it’s too simple) in under 5 minutes.  This includes the time spent actually writing down answers and rewriting the unintelligible numbers.

2-3  Emily and Anna are down for a nap.  Nate is watching Powerpuff Girls and playing with a pretend microphone.

3:05 Emily is waking up and Anna talks to her about the fact that water has “air” inside.  Emily clarifies that it’s not air, but it does have oxygen and that fish use that oxygen to live underwater.  Anna expounds on her love of fish, dolphins, squid and crabs.  She also reminds me that dolphins are not fish, which is why she said them separately than fish in her list.  I ask her if she can tell me what they are, and she says “manimals”.  We correct the answer to mammals, she repeats it correctly a few times, and then runs in to the living room and announces to Nate that she’s very happy to now know how to say “Mamminal”.  We’ll keep working on it.

4ish  Nate makes waffles in the toaster for everyone for snack.  Discuss whether or not Eggo waffles have eggs inside.  I tell Nate to check the Label for ingredients, and he finds eggs at number 4 on the list.  We discuss the fact that foods are labelled with the most important/greatest quantity ingredient first.  He decides they should have been called Enriched Wheat waffles instead of Eggo waffles, but agrees reluctantly that Eggo is a much more catchy name.  Wonders if the Leggo my Eggo phrase influnced the name of the product, or was created BECAUSE of the name of the product.  We’ll look into finding the answer to this question later tonight or tomorrow.

5-6 Complete insanity. The kids are hitting the wall so I send them all to different rooms to work on individual projects. Anna plays Club Penguin on her DS.  Nate reads more in some of the fish books from the library.  Emily rests more and begins to complain of sore throat.

6:30  Everyone has dinner, then we watch some random tv and Nate surfs the internet for a while.

The kids begin to feel lousy around 8 and everyone piles together into bed.  Emily types on her laptop for a while and Nate and Anna message each other via Nintendo chat.  Both Nate and Anna fall asleep with their chat screens still going.  Emily and I spend some time talking to Dave in the main bedroom, and then we head off into Emily’s room.  Now I’m going to read a novel while she tries to let the medicine help her fall asleep.

All in all, a productive and enjoyable day.  Let’s hope for better health in the near future.


3 thoughts on “Keeping a running record…

  1. Just more proof that learning is happening ALL THE TIME and your days are filled with great moments. I’m especially proud of Em for really sticking with her novel project.

    FWIW, I would gladly, lovingly and with much excitement read a detailed description of your day EVERY day, should you care to post it.

  2. I really like reading about your day like this. I know it takes extra time, but
    it is so great to look back on your day and see all the learning opportunities we easily take for granted.
    I am with alexa! Write more!!!! I will read!!!

  3. Wow, I check your blog once in a while hoping for something new, and this was so wonderful to read! I live for day-to-day stories. There really is so much magic in every day. I am really excited that Em’s writing a novel. Please do write and record more of your happenings- and maybe I’ll start blogging more myself, ahem…


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