It’s a Technicolor World, so enjoy it!

We got a big box of surprises in the mail today from Steve Spangler Science. The kids were eager to jump right in to playing with their new baby soda bottles and test tube racks. We decided to work with two projects today. The first, and the one that kept them occupied for the longest time, was a good old color-mixing experiment.

The kids started off with empty test tubes, a large beaker flask of water, a pipette, and three fizzy color tabs. They turned the fizzy tabs and water into three tubes of liquid- red, yellow, blue. Then they used those colors and their pipettes to experiment with secondary color combinations in the empty tubes.

After the color experiment, we used some Magic Sand to study the concepts of hydrophilia and hydrophobia.

I think we’re going to love our newly restructured screen-porch Science Lab!

We’ve already started making another order at Steve Spangler. We’re a little obsessed with their Test Tube Experiment Kits. They’re incredibly kid-friendly. Simple enough that the kids can go it alone with minimal adult supervision.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Technicolor World, so enjoy it!

  1. Oh, how lovely to discover another Spangler fan! My kids are crazy about the boxes we get from Steve Spangler Science. As an instructor and as a parent, I firmly believe that the science toys offered on the Spangler website are superior to anything I’ve ever seen in any so-called “teacher catalogue.” My kids and my students love everything I’ve ever ordered from Spangler Science. Don’t tell anybody, but my husband is just as crazy about the Spangler stuff as any of the kids are! (I love them too, but all my friends already know that about me.)

  2. I too am a mommy blogger who loves Steve Spangler Science. I also became obsessed with the test tube kits and now that my children have gone through all of them, I give them as gifts too. Science toys are a huge hit at birthday parties. Did you see Spangler Science also has a widget that you can post on your blog? It displays a weekly experiment. I use this on my blog and look forward to finding another science experiment for my kids each week. You can get it at

  3. Great post! I love your photos – must be the new porch. 😉 My kids are obsessed with Steve Spangler stuff as well. Have you checked out the all the experiments on the website yet??? Every week, I let each child pick a science experiment that looks interesting to them and then we do it together. Here is their most recent favorite – they were putting Ivory soap bars in the microwave: Incredible!

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