Summer Time, and the Living is Easy!

Our friend Heather was kind enough to invite our family and the Piseco/Jedi Family out to her home in the country to enjoy some lunch, playing, and a splash in her pool.

Some of the kids had fun making their own pizzas.
Jamie making Pizza
Jossy making pizza.
Annie making pizza.
Ben making pizza.

And at least one of the kids just enjoyed eating it.
Nate having Pizza

After pizza, the kids hit the pool. The big kids spent their time in the Howell’s awesome big pool, and the little girls were in a baby pool on the deck.

Ethan spent some time lounging like a lizard on the deck.
Ethan resting

Em didn’t leave the pool till we practically dragged her out.
Emily on raft.

There was lots of watermelon eating, and plenty of sticky faces and fingers.
Campbell eating watermelon.Ben eating watermelon.

Wee baby Jillian sat for ages in her little pool, splashing happily and soaking up the sun.
Jill in the water.

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon full of fun, friendship, and a whole lot of love.
Girls hugging.

4 thoughts on “Summer Time, and the Living is Easy!

  1. Oh how fun! Hey that baby hat is SO cute! What a gorgeous model too. ;O) I will definitely plan a night of pizza like that. How exciting for the kids. Mind if I share that idea with our readers?

    • Lisa,

      You’re more than welcome to share the idea. We had a great time making pizza and hanging by the pool. I recommend the activity to everyone.


  2. Well I finally added you to my RSS now that you’re blogging more! I will need some of those pictures big at some point. I love Jamie & her pizza. I found a jacket, skirt, and float blocks. You still have some of our rain clothes so we’ll need to meet up WITHOUT Alexa!

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