Baby Got a Brand New Haircut…

and I got the pictures to prove it!

Despite feeling half-dead (maybe 3/4 dead in some of our cases), we managed to drag out to the hairdresser yesterday to sheer the boy sheep and institute phase 2 of Anna’s hair-repair “Back To One Length” plan.

She was too blah to get pictures taken post-cut last night but managed to ham it up a bit for a couple of quick snaps this afternoon during one of our “Advil’s Working” moments.

Anna got a haircut.

Princess Snarky requested that I get an additional pose of her Evil Genius (trademarked, I’m sure) pose for The Internet People.

Evil Genius Anna

I enjoy the cute, short bob but she’s fond of longer hair. We’ve got at least one more bob in the future, probably around the winter holidays, before we get back to one single length with no visible bangs.

Our house is still full of semi-sick people who are primarily just laying around resting. Once we recover, the catching up is going to be insane. We’ve put off or put aside so many things while we’re sick that it may crash and cover us all in an avalanche of things left undone.


5 thoughts on “Baby Got a Brand New Haircut…

  1. OMG! She has changed so much this summer.
    I look at pictures from earlier this year and it is like looking at a different child. Someone put a time-stopper on this child. She is too cute to get older!!!

    The bobs are adorable!
    Can’t wait till you are all well again! Miss you!

  2. Amazing photography! Brings back great memories of when my kids were little and we did such things! Oh, time passes so quickly during these child busy days. It’s been many years as my kids are not 25, 23 & 17.

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