Oh Baby, it’s Cold Outside..

It’s been super cold this week. The snow just keeps getting a little deeper each day, and the kids get more and more cabin fever symptoms hanging out in the house. I’ve been forcing them out for fresh air on any day in which they’re remotely perky.

Anna is not super excited at the prospect of getting “outside in the cold air”. She spends a lot of time tucked up under the eaves of the house in the only snow-free space.

The big kids love the snow. They have been trying to roll a record breaking snowball. Thus far, they’re making some decent sized attempts, but no real MASSIVE record breakers have been managed to date.

It’s very early in the winter season, and I’m already beyond tired of the cold. I’m not a lover of the long, cruel winter. I’d love suggestions from folks who have beaten their seasonal depression and developed a love of the cold.

One thought on “Oh Baby, it’s Cold Outside..

  1. I don’t have one good secret for suddenly loving the cold. I don’t ~love~ the cold. But I don’t mind it. It’s just another part of the year, and I try to embrace the stuff that happens now that I enjoy. I try to spend as much time as I can outside or at least in a sunny window, because the natural light really does fight the SAD. But even tonight I was realizing that I can already notice a difference in light from two weeks ago, and we’re definitely on an upswing. Enjoy the pretty icicles, and catch some snowflakes, and spring will be here in its own time. ~hugs~

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