Outside Chores and Inside Chuckles

Today we set about doing the second (and, hopefully, final) major leaf-raking of our yards. We have far too many trees and the leaves are EVIL. Early in the afternoon, Em and Kathy took a turn raking up piles and then jumping into them, taking pictures of themselves, and generally being total goof-balls.


After Kathy left for church and was replaced by her sister, Allie, I conjured up a team pile raking contest. Em and Anna were Team One and Nate and Allie were Team Two. They worked their bums off, and Nate was the only one who pooped out before the job was done.

I got a bit of raking in myself. Not nearly as I’d expected, though. I had put tape on my hands to keep down blisters, but had a strange allergic reaction to something in the tape adhesive.

While I was raking (in my pajamas, no less) and stopped to take a deep breath, Annie caught me with the camera.


The yard was cleaned up fairly quickly, then Dave decided he was going to try something new and use the ladder to go up to the roof and rake off the leaves that were piling up there.

This might have been a good idea. He got things cleaned up nicely on the bit over the screen room where the roof is fairly flat.

Things got a bit more dicey when he decided to try the bit of more-tilty roof over the garage.

See, my husband is a very organized and strong man. He’s also a very determined man. He rarely backs down to a challenge, and he’s not afraid of many things. I used to think that spiders were his only weakness….

But now I know he’s NOT SO GOOD AT HEIGHTS.

Dave got onto the roof and did a bit of raking, but he had a scary slip in the beginning and I noticed after that happened that he had backed himself to the wall and wasn’t moving away much.


Notice where I’m standing to get the above picture. Yep, INSIDE the house. I was watching him rake the roof with great trepidation when he gave me a sheepish grin and suggested that I might want to go to Nate’s room and open the window.

My strong, martial arts trained, incredibly capable husband was NOT going to try to go back down the ladder.

So I hoofed it up to Nate’s room, opened the window, removed the screen, and stood back to take pictures…~wink~


Notice that he was nice enough to remove his boots and gloves at the window before scrunching inside between the bunks on Natey’s bed.

He swiftly re-shod and went back outside to climb a few rungs and retrieve his rake from the high place.

I’ve been giggling about it off and on all night. Sometimes seeing that really strong and capable people have weak spots can make my own weaknesses more tolerable.

All in all, we got a lot accomplished today and had fun in the process. And there will be no more raking till next fall…YAY!!

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