It’s a Technicolor World, so enjoy it!

We got a big box of surprises in the mail today from Steve Spangler Science. The kids were eager to jump right in to playing with their new baby soda bottles and test tube racks. We decided to work with two projects today. The first, and the one that kept them occupied for the longest time, was a good old color-mixing experiment.

The kids started off with empty test tubes, a large beaker flask of water, a pipette, and three fizzy color tabs. They turned the fizzy tabs and water into three tubes of liquid- red, yellow, blue. Then they used those colors and their pipettes to experiment with secondary color combinations in the empty tubes.

After the color experiment, we used some Magic Sand to study the concepts of hydrophilia and hydrophobia.

I think we’re going to love our newly restructured screen-porch Science Lab!

We’ve already started making another order at Steve Spangler. We’re a little obsessed with their Test Tube Experiment Kits. They’re incredibly kid-friendly. Simple enough that the kids can go it alone with minimal adult supervision.

These kids are not afraid of heights.

Dave finally got our new climbing wall finished. Actually, he’d had the wall built for quite a while, but we finally got the grips in the mail and he put them up last night while the kids and I were out for ice cream and park time with our Chesso friends.

Of course, the girls had to climb today even in the slippery and cold rain. They’re natural-born monkeys, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from squealing when they turned to wave from half way up the wall, leaving them hanging one-handed while they waved their arms.

I convinced them to come back inside because my camera was getting damp, but they had to finish one last climb before we left the rain behind.

I’m so proud of my crazy monkeys, and we’re all proud of Daddy for building them the awesome climbing wall.